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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

You Can Get It In Glencoe!

This upscale North Shore suburb can be a shopper's paradise. Depending on what it is you're shopping for.

Looking for a room where you can play a big game of checkers or chess? You found it!

No springs, honest weight? Here it is!

A porcelain tray that looks like a restaurant check? I found it in Glencoe!

A giant red clothespin for pinning... whatever it is that needs pinning? You got it!

On the hunt for real live dead zebra? This is it!

Designer bags and purses? Take your pick!

Old man sweaters? We got 'em!

If you're going to get...

One or more of these...

Then you've just got to get...

This to go with it!

Got $1400 to spend on a bar set? Get this! (Seriously. That's how much it was. Who's got that kind of money?)

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Evanston Light and Dark

A week or so ago we visited this house in Evanston with a neighbor. It was a twisty-turny place with lots of nooks and crannies and strange little surprises around every corner.

Do you have room in your home for a baby grand piano? These people didn't.

I think that one in the lower-right might be a little off, but otherwise this looks perfectly fine.

Quite possibly the ugliest candlesticks ever made.

When one TV in the bedroom just isn't enough.

Will's jacket. Never worn.

 Wallpaper #1.

 Wallpaper #2.

I took this just because I liked the juxtaposition of the vacuum cleaner bag's pattern with Wallpaper #2.

 In the creepy bedroom at the very top of the stairs I found these paintings.

I was not surprised to find this nearby.

Or this.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

I'm Just Mad About Chevrons

We've had a number of new likes on our Facebook page the past few weeks. Thanks for giving us the thumbs-up! As we like to say here at Estate Sale Stories, your scraps of attention make this all worthwhile.

Let's celebrate the new arrivals with a fresh post.

I don't recall where this house was. Somewhere behind a suburban Dominick's, when Chicagoland still had those. At any rate, it didn't take long before the unique aspect of this estate sale became clear.

Everything had chevrons.

These serving platters had chevrons.

And these serving platters had chevrons, too.

Not to mention the matching chevron bowls to go with them.

There were chevrons on a hat.

And on these saucy little chevron shoes.

This scarf would go nicely with them.

Or one of these.

Don't forget your chevron headband and... um... matching fabric scrap.

Here's a chevron box you can use to store all of your chevron stuff.

And another if you have more.

Or you could just pack it all away in one of these sets of chevron suitcases.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Beats Me Bonanza

I don't recall where this estate sale was located. Some place just up the road from a Burger King where we almost had lunch except that the help was a bit too slow and the patrons were way too rough-looking. So basically, just about anywhere in the greater Chicagoland metro area.

This was the wallpaper that inspired me to take out my phone and snap a few illicit photos.

It was in a bathroom (so at least there was that), obviously from the seventies, and the remarkable thing about it -- aside from the fact that it existed at all -- was that there wasn't a butt crack or bare boobie to be seen among all those bathing beauties.

We must have gone to this sale around the time of the (most recent) John Travolta sex scandal, because when I saw this in one of the bedrooms I thought, "Possible caption: Looks like a massage John Travolta might be interested in." Please hold your applause.
Same sale. One of the other bedrooms. There was a boxed set of twenty or so books on the occult and  UFOs and psychic phenomena. I picked one out at random and this is the page it opened to. Pretty spooky, I'd say. And dig that double-duty monster on the left.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Odds and Ends from Here and There

Even though we haven't posted anything in a while -- okay, okay, TWO YEARS -- doesn't mean we've stopped attending estate sales. Or taking photos.

I don't remember which lovely suburb this place was located. Wherever they grow stereo speakers the size of prize-winning pumpkins, I think.

After all, the bigger the speaker, the higher the fidelity.

Why did I take this photo? It's hard to say. There's nothing especially remarkable about this chair, or the rug, or those curtains, or that little plaque hanging there on the wall. Life is full of little mysteries, isn't it?

These signs were all over the place. And by "too cheap" they mean "still slightly more than you'd like to spend."
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