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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Beats Me Bonanza

I don't recall where this estate sale was located. Some place just up the road from a Burger King where we almost had lunch except that the help was a bit too slow and the patrons were way too rough-looking. So basically, just about anywhere in the greater Chicagoland metro area.

This was the wallpaper that inspired me to take out my phone and snap a few illicit photos.

It was in a bathroom (so at least there was that), obviously from the seventies, and the remarkable thing about it -- aside from the fact that it existed at all -- was that there wasn't a butt crack or bare boobie to be seen among all those bathing beauties.

We must have gone to this sale around the time of the (most recent) John Travolta sex scandal, because when I saw this in one of the bedrooms I thought, "Possible caption: Looks like a massage John Travolta might be interested in." Please hold your applause.
Same sale. One of the other bedrooms. There was a boxed set of twenty or so books on the occult and  UFOs and psychic phenomena. I picked one out at random and this is the page it opened to. Pretty spooky, I'd say. And dig that double-duty monster on the left.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Odds and Ends from Here and There

Even though we haven't posted anything in a while -- okay, okay, TWO YEARS -- doesn't mean we've stopped attending estate sales. Or taking photos.

I don't remember which lovely suburb this place was located. Wherever they grow stereo speakers the size of prize-winning pumpkins, I think.

After all, the bigger the speaker, the higher the fidelity.

Why did I take this photo? It's hard to say. There's nothing especially remarkable about this chair, or the rug, or those curtains, or that little plaque hanging there on the wall. Life is full of little mysteries, isn't it?

These signs were all over the place. And by "too cheap" they mean "still slightly more than you'd like to spend."

Sunday, June 20, 2010

One Year Later

In the past year we've posted over 150 individual estate sales, from Addison to Winnetka, and welcomed over 2100 visitors from 37 countries and every state in the U.S., except Mississippi. (Draw your own conclusions.)

Thank you all for your interest, time, support, comments and encouragement. Your scraps of attention make this all worthwhile.

Friday, June 18, 2010


We're back in Evanston, which is arguably our favorite suburb next to Skokie. Coincidentally, it also happens to literally be next to Skokie, and if that's not evidence of God's Great Plan at work in the world, I don't know what is. Why is Evanston our second-favorite, second most-visited suburb? Because of classic split-levels like this.

This indoor planter was waiting just inside the front door. Nothing says "welcome to our home" like a built-in container of dirt and/or some hastily arranged artificial plants, don't you agree?

One question: If you've been blessed with a classic mid-century split-level, why would you decorate it with curlicued gewgaws and knick-knacks from a previous century? That's like buying an iPad and then converting it to run on steam power.

The kitchen featured another classic wall oven.

This one is a Wedgewood Futura-Matic. Though the brand is easily Googled, the Internet is strangely silent regarding this particular model. (Go ahead and look it up yourself.) From the looks of that control panel it did everything but cut your meat.

Oh, yes. There's nothing I love more than a paneled den with a fireplace and a bentwood rocker.

And an incredibly loud sofa.

And a smart little Playboy After Dark bar. Tequila sunrise, anyone?

Upstairs I found some of shaggiest shag carpeting I've ever laid eyes or feet on.

It was almost capable of holding its own against the wallpaper and curtains.

Look what I found -- an "Our-Little-Girl-is-Becoming-a-Woman" starter kit!

Speaking of little girls: I think this is a portrait of Dolly Parton as a child.

That's all for now! Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Norridge Coke Den, Part 3

We've got one more post from this Norridge bungalow. But this won't be another Coke-fueled romp. Because we're going down to the basement, which is another thing entirely.

And you step!

This cheery trio gave me hope that I was about to walk down into a classic Hollywood wonderland. But alas, 'twas not to be.

First up, not one but two pinball machines. Could this be the most awesomest man-cave ever?


Finding this nearly made me weep with frustration and nostalgia.

I could picture myself enjoying long conversations in here. Or transforming into a super-hero.

Oh, Julio, you savvy shopper, you.

A full-size, full-blooded wooden Indian.

Huffer's delight!

I'm not sure if this belonged to a dentist, a barber or Sweeney Todd.

Buy. Don't buy.
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