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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Why a Blog About Estate Sales?

Simply put, because estate sales are fascinating.

If you're in love with vintage stuff -- clothes, housewares, furniture, you name it -- estate sales are the best place to find it.

If you're a fan of residential architecture, estate sales are an opportunity to experience all kinds of it up close and personal. Every era and style eventually turns up.

If you're interested in how other people live, estate sales reveal the inner worlds of folks richer, poorer and just plain different from you. And during a sale, very little is off limits. Curious about what's in the linen closet, the medicine cabinet, the bedside nightstand, the junk drawer? Take a look. What you find might surprise you.

If you're even the tiniest bit skeptical about America's consumerist society, estate sales are proof that all the material goods you work so hard to acquire over the course of your life are worth mere pennies on the dollar once you're finished with them.

And finally, if you enjoy a good story, estate sales are a terrific source for them. You certainly don't get the whole story -- at least not most of the time -- but the things a person leaves behind still manage to speak volumes about who they were, what they cared about, how they lived and why they're gone.


  1. Have stayed up way too late tonight reading "Estate Sale Stories", taking a look into others'lives through your eyes. It's been a treat! Thanks very much. TJS

  2. Thanks for the comment. Glad I was able to keep you awake! Or at least fill your insomniac hours.

  3. Estate sales are fascinating!! If you go to enough of them you'll come across some pretty wild things. Was talking to to a liquidator the other day who found drag outfits and apparel of a local minister who had passed. They respectfully did not sell these items at the sale.

  4. One more great place to find cool items is a storage auctions. They even have them online now. The number 1 place I use is


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