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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Skokie Rococo Ranch

When architectural and decorative styles clash, things can get ugly. Exhibit A: this home. It had one foot firmly planted in mid-century modern and the other in what can only be described as '90s rococover-the-top. Two distinct periods, each living uncomfortably side-by-side.

Wish I collected vintage radios. This one was a beauty. You almost expect to turn it on and hear only old news and music.

This chair sat nearby. It's worn, but could return to greatness in the right hands.

The dining room/kitchen shows exactly what I'm talking about. That vertical-pole divider is pure mid-century. The chandelier above pure something else.

Just one corner of the living room, but it sums up everything else in the house.

And there was wallpaper. In the bedroom.

In the hallway.

In the kitchen.

I found this little lady just off the dining area, toasting the awful fabulousness all around her. The lesson? Never drink and decorate.

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