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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Edison Park Holiday House

It was a perfectly typical house on Chicago's northwest side. It even had a nice little addition behind the kitchen. Looking at it from the outside -- at least during most of the year -- you never would have guessed the sheer volume of merriment it contained.

Down in the basement was a treasure trove of holiday decorations. Hundreds -- perhaps thousands -- of them.

Bins and bins of holiday decorations. Bears in Christmas finery. Wreaths and garland. Christmas tree ornaments. A whole village of snow-capped Victorian buildings.

And not just Christmas, either. Easter was also represented. And Halloween and Thanksgiving. I think there was even some St. Patrick's Day stuff in there.

It was kind of sad to see all that Christmas stuff piled up together in the middle of June. But I bet this place truly sparkled from Thanksgiving through New Year's.

Purchased: Peggy Lee I'm a Woman LP for $1.

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