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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Evanston Mystery House

There were just enough clues in this place to really pique my curiosity about the people who lived there.

It was a nice older home that someone had spent a lot of time and money updating. They had pretty good taste, and seemed to still be fairly young, judging from their choices in furniture and decor. The breakfast room just off the kitchen faced east, and was bright and sunny. (The guy in yellow was one of the people working at the sale.)

Someone must have worked in advertising or marketing, because there were a lot of award books and Communication Arts magazines left behind. I also found some graphics arts supplies, drawing pens, and a lot of photo equipment in the garage.

They had kids -- at least one teenage girl, from the looks of this bulletin board. I got the impression she'd grown up and moved away, but the parents had kept her bedroom the same. That was probably five or ten years ago, judging from the celebrities she liked. Either that or the daughter was hopelessly behind the times.

There seems to be an unspoken rule that you don't ask about the people. But sometimes -- if you're discreet -- you can get a little info. After one of the workers had chatted me up I quietly inquired about the family who'd left all this stuff behind.

At first he looked around, to see who else was nearby. When he saw we were alone he leaned in and whispered, "Let's just say it was ugly." He shook his head. "Divorce."

I hope they'll all be happier soon.

Purchased: Up With People LP for $1.

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