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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Northwest Side Bungalow #2

This place was just a couple blocks away from the first. It was distinguished by an unfinished attic that I didn't get any photos of, unfortunately.

The basement was half-finished, too, but it did have this bar in one corner. In fact, the whole house seemed like it had been left half-finished from the day it was finished.

The master bedroom had some very cool mid-century furniture. This was the dresser. There was a chest of drawers, bedside stand and headboard, too, and they were all in pretty good shape. (Damned camera/phone.) Makes me wish I owned a larger house, or a vintage furniture store.

Wouldn't wrapping yourself up in this brighten a cold winter's day?

Found in the garage, and proof that some people will try to sell anything. The price tag says, "Pot and dirt 50 cents." Still, quite a bargain for the right buyer.

Purchased: Automatic Handy Drink Mixer from the Pink Elephant Series, $1.

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