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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Beats Me Bonanza

I don't recall where this estate sale was located. Some place just up the road from a Burger King where we almost had lunch except that the help was a bit too slow and the patrons were way too rough-looking. So basically, just about anywhere in the greater Chicagoland metro area.

This was the wallpaper that inspired me to take out my phone and snap a few illicit photos.

It was in a bathroom (so at least there was that), obviously from the seventies, and the remarkable thing about it -- aside from the fact that it existed at all -- was that there wasn't a butt crack or bare boobie to be seen among all those bathing beauties.

We must have gone to this sale around the time of the (most recent) John Travolta sex scandal, because when I saw this in one of the bedrooms I thought, "Possible caption: Looks like a massage John Travolta might be interested in." Please hold your applause.
Same sale. One of the other bedrooms. There was a boxed set of twenty or so books on the occult and  UFOs and psychic phenomena. I picked one out at random and this is the page it opened to. Pretty spooky, I'd say. And dig that double-duty monster on the left.


  1. Old books are my absolute favorite things to purchase. These are some really great finds!

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  3. Our estate sale in Minneapolis MN is kind of like this. I'm glad that they aren't the only ones.

  4. I think that I saw a couple books on UFOs at the estate sales in Anaheim CA! That is funny. I liked the sales I went to!


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