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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Evanston Family Home

Sometimes you step into a place where time seems to have stopped the moment the kids moved out. This little cottage-style home in Evanston is a good example.

A bedroom on the first floor. I'm almost certain that avocado shag carpeting went down sometime in the early '70s, and was paired with cobalt blue and harvest gold accents.

Downstairs in the basement. Someone must have practiced archery in the backyard once upon a time.

Another corner of the basement. I bet the kids rode those bikes all over town once they were old enough.

Things got more interesting -- and revealing -- in the upstairs bedrooms. This room must have belonged to a teenage boy.

Because all those boxes were filled with comic books. They're probably worth some money to the right person.

Additional evidence, literally piled up in the second upstairs bedroom. Looking at this stuff, you can practically chart the kid's progress from Tinkertoys and Tonka trucks to Simon to weightlifting.

Eventually the kid moved out, but mom and dad hung on to all that stuff. In the end, they were the only ones who wanted it.

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