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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Melrose Park Bungalow with In-Law

There wasn't much left at this place when we arrived, but that didn't stop the guy who was running the sale from complaining about how badly things were going.

This bedroom was kind of sad. It had a very distinct, lived-in odor.

It emanated from here.

These were at the foot of the bed, and must be the world's most beautiful clothes hangers.

This glass-topped table was pretty cool, but would have been more tempting if the chairs hadn't been so worn and sagging.

This seemed an odd place to install an air conditioner, but I imagine it made washing dishes on a hot Summer day so much more refreshing.

The stairs to the basement were just to the left.

The basement had been converted into what Chicagoans call an "in-law" -- a separate, usually below-code apartment.

The kitchenette was pretty shabby, but it held a couple interesting finds.

For some reason, this struck me as a charming tableau.

This strange appliance was located across from the sink. It was in surprisingly good shape for its age.

Basically, it's a portable oven. Or fire-starter, depending on how well the electrical components have held up over the past 50 years. I wasn't interested in running the experiment. But it's nice that they kept the owner's manual with it, and the cover illustration certainly makes it look like a joy to use. It could be yours for $25.

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