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Friday, April 16, 2010

Northbrook or Not?

My records say this estate sale was in Northbrook. But nothing about this estate sale says Northbrook to me.

The place was a lot older and more run-down than what I usually see in Northbrook.

Also, a lot more green.

I'm not kidding about that.

It was also packed -- packed -- with vintage women's clothes. Every decade from the fifties through the eighties was represented.

It almost made me wish I was a woman who was really into vintage clothes.

Or a size 10 drag queen.

Or a special nurse.

These were the only men's clothes I found, and they still had the creases from the packaging in them.

I also found this. Something tells me Don's other life didn't have much to do with a wife and three kids. Also, it looks to me like those two boys in the middle take after their dad.

Purchased: Men's vintage pajamas, $2.

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