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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Odds and Ends from Here and There: Christmas Edition

Thanks for stopping by. All year long I've been collecting these items from estate sales, and now it's time to pass them out. I hope they help make your holiday merry and bright.

It's Christmas time! This clock plays a favorite Christmas carol every hour, on the hour, hour after hour, and is guaranteed to produce Christmas overload in just 12-24 hours.

Let's all spread some holiday cheer!

Who's ready for a bowl of my special Christmas stew?

It's true -- a red bow really does make anything more festive.

You know what's funny about this photo? It was taken in September.

What's that you smokin', Santa?

Evil Snowman #1.

This is what happens when Christmas has too much to drink and throws up.

Bring me the head... of Santa Claus!

Evil Snowman #2.

In other news, it looks like the global recession has forced Santa to cut back on transportation costs.

Aaaagh! It's Christmas and I'm nuts for nuts! Give me nuts! Nuts, nuts, nuts!

Rough night?

I'm not sure if Santa is headed for the links, getting ready to smash out someone's headlights, or hoping to lure in a few fame-seeking trollops.

When you do things that make the Baby Jesus cry, this is how Mary shuts him up.

Best wishes for a happy holiday. Remember, it doesn't matter what you celebrate, as long as you celebrate something.

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