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Monday, December 7, 2009

Waukegan Hoarder's Mansion, Part 2

So up the stairs I went, eager to see what I'd find at the top.

Bedroom One was just to the left, and probably one of the less dense rooms in the house. It held items of a vaguely African nature.

And this light fixture.

Also, the first of many closets jam-packed with clothes, including this purple sequined skirt and top. It may be a little much in some people's book, but was certainly in keeping with the rest of the place.

Bedroom Two had this interesting twig bed in the center -- surrounded by stacks and piles of more clothes and stuff.

There was so much of it, it became kind of anonymous and difficult to distinguish where one thing ended and another began.

The most interesting thing about Bedroom Three was this wallpaper and the Victorian-style light fixture that went with it. This is just one of several fixtures like this throughout the house.

Here's another in Bedroom Four, which also held a tiny day bed, too small for anyone but a child to use comfortably. I think of this as "The Bird Room."

Because of this wall covering.

Which really does deserve a closer look. It wasn't paper -- it was fabric, and there was something distinctly disturbing about it.

Another packed closet. This place would have been a gold mine for a vintage clothes shopper with the right size and frame of mind.

Bedroom Four was the master suite. It sat at the end of a short hallway, with this mylar wallpaper on the ceiling. One of the strangest things I've seen in a house, but just one of many I'd see in this one.

As rooms in this house went, it was actually one of the least strange. At least until you took a closer look.

For example, it took me a while to notice this odd floral curtain/butterfly valance combo. In a way, it almost worked.

But then the mirrored ceiling above the bed caught my eye, and every smarmy joke about that sort of thing immediately came to mind.

The walk-in closet was piled high with black garbage bags with who-knows-what inside.

The attached bath featured a toilet seat and lid embedded with sand and shells. Using this must have made the user feel like they were relieving themselves amidst the relaxing splendors of a tropical paradise.

On Wednesday, we'll explore the third floor.

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