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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bellwood Trio

This was the house with hundreds of copies of a kid's book-version of Jurassic Park or The Lost World. The people holding the sale insisted that everyone take a copy. I can't remember which it was because I threw mine away the moment I got home.

And strangely enough, I didn't get any photos of them. But I did snap a shot of these warming mittens, which probably make some of you sigh with envy and wonder where you could get a pair, and the rest of us just scratch our heads.

Meet me at the train station at midnight. I'll be the one in the purple trenchcoat.

That's an awful lot of padlocks, and an awful lot of keys to go with them. It makes me wonder who bought this many padlocks, and why they hung on to them. ("Who knows -- I might have an awful lot of small things to lock up some day!") If you actually had a use for them, wouldn't you store the keys in a more organized way, so actually using one of them wouldn't be an exercise in frustration? I suppose the right person could have bought this entire box for a dollar, and then had hours of puzzle-solving fun on his or her hands. Me? I took the picture, paid for my purchases and got out.

Purchased: The Waltons' Christmas Album and Don Ho, The Don Ho Christmas Album LPs, $2.

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