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Friday, June 11, 2010

Norridge Coke Den, Part 1

It looked so unassuming from the street. A Chicago bungalow, just like all the others. And even once I was inside, it took me a while to notice what was going on.

Perhaps I was blinded by the walls.

But then I began to get the impression that the former owner was, just maybe, a bit of a collector.

This room had some Coca-Cola memorabilia in it.

I remember this stuff: mix of Coca-Cola and coffee. I thought it was from the '90s, but it was actually introduced in 2006. (And disappeared in 2008.) That's a Coca-Cola popcorn box beside it. Interesting.

But that was nothing compared to this room behind the kitchen.

Looks like someone had a pretty serious habit.

The last time I saw this much Coke paraphernalia I was sitting between Liza and Halston in the VIP room of Studio 54.

They used to claim this stuff wasn't habit-forming, but that's obviously not true.

The more you have, the more you want.

Must. Have. More. Coke.

It's a sad story.

And this is where it leads.

Have a great weekend, folks! We'll be back on Monday with more from this place. (You won't believe the kitchen.) Thanks for stopping by, and keep sharing the links!

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