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Monday, January 18, 2010

Edgewater High-Rise

Buildings forty, fifty, even sixty stories high line Chicago's lakefront on the north side. (And the south side, for that matter.) I've always imagined life in one of them would be different, somehow better, than on the ground.

This two-bedroom unit was on the 32nd floor. Large enough for a woman on her own, with a little extra space for guests.

It was comfortable and elegant, self-contained but not isolated.

The view was excellent -- skyline and lake -- with no building right next door to intrude on her enjoyment or privacy.

She enjoyed the finer things in life.

Her collection of silver and crystal came out of the cabinet regularly. She loved to entertain, and her friends loved coming over.

She wasn't opposed...

... to a good drink...

... from time to time.

Like a lot of us, she hated being caught unprepared.

She cared enough about her health to try the latest fad advertised on late-night TV. Even though she knew it was probably nonsense.

And while she certainly wasn't the girl she used to be, her appearance was still important to her.

That's why she swam and exercised regularly in the pool downstairs. Those light foam weights had her friends confused, until she explained that they were for use underwater.

She loved clothes, and shopping, and looking her best.

She was independent. There were power tools in the linen closet, and if a hem needed repairing she could take care of it herself, without resorting to the dry cleaners downstairs.

She appreciated the glow of candlelight.

And the sound of bells.

And things that could fly, high above the city.


  1. Where's the tag for "This made me cry a little bit"?

  2. Thanks, John Bliss. I actually spent more time than usual on this one.


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