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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lincolnwood Elegance

Living an elegant life can be within everyone's grasp. Just follow these easy instructions.

Florals in any form bring the beauty of nature indoors. Bigger is better and gold is grand!

There's nothing more elegant than Victorian-era furniture. And nothing more guaranteed to ensure that you and your guests never get too comfortable. Comportment is everything in the elegant life.

The elegant boudoir begins with a large bed, perfect for lounging around in all day while wearing marabou-trimmed robes and high-heeled slippers. Barbara Cartland would approve.

French Provincial furniture lends an air of "let them eat cake" privilege to your days and nights.

Now this is a princess-style phone. If you find yourself reduced to the unfortunate position of taking and placing your own phone calls, do it only from one like this.

And finally, hide away all your contemporary items in an unused room of your home and refuse to even allow your household servants inside.

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