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Friday, January 29, 2010

Viva la Niles!

I love Niles. Not only is it uber-convenient to Estate Sale Stories World HQ in Rogers Park, but it's one of those '60s-'70s suburbs that almost everyone else turns their nose up at. But behind those front doors with their geometric cutouts live some of the swingingest swingers there ever was.

The moment I walked in, I dropped my keys in the first bowl I saw.

I can just picture myself relaxing here after a long day at the office, a tequila sunrise in one hand and a Benson & Hedges Menthol Ultra-Light 120 in the other, waiting patiently for our nation's Bicentennial to arrive.

The view from there certainly is... overwhelming. You better know down deep in your heart those mirror tiles are going to look kick-ass when you put them up, because it's going to take a sledgehammer, a hazmat suit and a mess of stitches in the emergency room to get them down.

Is there a rumpus room downstairs? You bet your subscription to Penthouse Forum there is!

There's a bit of Vegas excitement waiting as well.

I'm not arguing with this slogan, but I can't imagine anything less creative than playing slots. I mean, isn't that what zombies do when they're not dining on human flesh?

In the morning, after a long night of slots and party games with the neighbors, this breakfast nook would be the perfect place for some scrambled eggs and a screwdriver, easy on the OJ.

Then it's into the bathroom for a quick faceful of cold water before heading back to work.

Why yes, this is the Cadillac of bathroom vanities.

Why don't you have a seat and a smoke while I get dressed?

This jacket is about as rumpled as I am hungover, which ain't much. In fact, we're both still in great shape and ready for action. Have a drink waiting for me when I get home!

Purchased: Men's vintage corduroy jacket, $5.

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