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Friday, February 12, 2010

North Riverside Marine Barracks

Our veterans should be proud of their service to our country. Just maybe not this proud.

At first, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. In fact, I toured the entire first floor and didn't notice a thing.

It wasn't until I got to the basement -- and into that little tool room/man cave back there on the left -- that a theme emerged.

At the time I took this photo, I still hadn't caught on to what made this place unique.

But then I looked up and, as is sometimes the case, it hit me.

After that, it became a treasure hunt.

Where would I find the next item of Marine memorabilia?

What shape might it be in?

Would it be right out in the open?

Or hiding in the most unlikely of places?

Would it be hard and shiny?

Or as huggable as your old stuffed bear?

Would it be sugar-coated?

Or vaguely menacing?

Answer: All of the above.

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