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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Niles 1950-1970s Three-Flat

It wasn't that long ago we were last in Niles, but it's never too early to return to this north-side suburb where the fifties, sixties and seventies still live.

This sign isn't the only thing about this post that's haff-assed. I had a smudge on my camera lens that you're sure to notice as we go along.

Oh, my.

You don't see these big console hi-fis so much any more, but this one was a fantastic specimen.

This must have been top-of-the-line once upon a time. Solid state, AM/FM/FM stereo (I thought FM was always stereo), phono console and an 8-track tape player/recorder (I didn't even know you could record on 8-tracks). I love that they still had the owner's manual for this baby, some 30-40 years later, and that it came from Montgomery Ward.

After this was delivered, I'm sure someone complained about how complicated it was. "I just want to listen to Paul Harvey in the morning before work. What do I need with all those dials and controls?"

"It's easy, ma. You just pop in one of these 8-tracks and that's it."

"Unless Paul Harvey is on those '8-tracks' I could care less. Just show me how to turn on the radio."

In the kitchen I found this built-in clock, which is quite a beauty. I'd never seen one before, but a few weeks later I saw another one at a sale in Westchester.

This was the extent of the liquor cabinet.

Which explained why this E-Z Read Jigger was still in its packaging.

Just as I was about to leave I saw a display case with some old photos in it. I usually don't bother with this sort of thing, but these -- for obvious reasons -- caught my eye. Let's take a closer look.

What is it about gas masks -- especially the WWI-era versions -- that's so creepy?

The clothes, the pose, that room, those glassy eyes staring straight into the camera... this picture is going to give me nightmares.

Thanks, grandfather!

Purchased: E-Z Read Jigger, $.50.

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