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Monday, May 17, 2010

Estate Sale Stories and the Future of Entertainment

Apologies, folks, but over the weekend we got caught up in a home-electronics update at Estate Sale Stories World HQ and neglected to put together a post for you today.

You know how these things go. What you think will be a quick trip to the store and a few leisurely minutes setting things up quickly becomes a multi-hour drama complete with trips back to the store and long telephone hold times while you hope and pray some technical support person will be able to save your bacon.

I won't say it ruined our weekend. But it did ruin your Monday post.

We'll be back on Wednesday with an all-new sale. In the meantime, please consider aiding us in our drive for global domination. Pass along your favorite Estate Sale Stories to friends, family and colleagues using our handy share icons, just to the right. Post a link back to us on your own blogs and web sites. Click one of the "Funny, Cool, Interesting" buttons at the bottom of our posts, or leave a comment.

As we like to say, your scraps of attention make this all worthwhile.

Thanks for stopping by!

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