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Friday, May 14, 2010

Oak Park Paint 'n' Plants

It's ironic that I've ripped on townhouse complexes lately, because Estate Sale Stories World HQ is cleverly hidden in one. So was this sale.

Is this a first-floor entryway or the lobby of a riverboat casino?

This place had a lot of decorative painting and a lot of plants, and I'm willing to bet good money every single one was artificial.

Also, a lot of decorative accessories. Many had a Victorian flair.

This stuff is just waiting for a community theater production of Lady Windemere's Fan.

Sit. Stay.

This hanging lamp, and the vine greedily feeding on its light and energy, begins a theme.

It was sticking close to the stairs, hoping it wouldn't be noticed, like something in The Ruins.

The second floor hallway wasn't as infested.

But the bathroom, with its higher humidity, was more a favorable environment.

Hats are covered, tea parties to safaris.

You can never have too many pairs of pantyhose. Especially if you find a brand that fits and doesn't bunch up. Buy as many as you can.

Don't you go to Hell for something like this?

You could open up a really nice Italian restaurant in this place. Or at least fast-casual.

Thank you for choosing Oak Park Paint 'n' Plants! Remember Tuesdays and Wednesdays are free bruschetta nights. Tell your friends! And enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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