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Monday, May 3, 2010

Flossmoor Relics

Occasionally, after the kids grow up and move out, houses enter a state similar to suspended animation. New things might come in from time to time, but it's rare that something old ever goes out.

This is one reason antique hunters and ephemera junkies and misguided souls like ourselves keep going to estate sales week after week.

You find things you've only seen in photos, or not for years, or never before.

Things that maybe no one has seen for decades.

Once, in the days before our current throw-away culture, people hung on to things for years. Because they were built to last and still worked, and there was no point in wasting money on something new just because something else was old.

After all, once you find that perfect stag-in-the-woods tapestry, why keep shopping?

And even if you don't need something any more, why throw it away? You never know when someone else might need it.

In a house like this, even old batteries could have a chance at new life.

Maybe not a very safe or long-lasting life, but new nonetheless.

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