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Friday, March 12, 2010

Glencoe Grandeur

The rich are different, and aside from the necessity of attending to bodily functions, I'm convinced they live on an entirely different plane than the rest of us mere mortals. Case in point, this Glencoe home and its many fine appointments.

Even the humblest breakfast of toast and coffee would somehow be more nutritious and energizing when enjoyed in this pleasant nook.

Just the sight of these bunnies and snails and melons adorning your chairs would make the sun shine brighter and the birds sing sweeter.

When life is this good, one copy of The Frugal Gourmet is simply not enough.

No matter the weather, this sun room has never seen a rainy day.

You could hang anything over your mantle with total confidence.

Going up or down, this staircase guarantees a grand entrance. And exit.

It's a long, leisurely walk down this hallway. You'll probably burn hundreds of calories along the way.

Oh, um, uh, er. What's this? A dark, ugly corner? Well, moving right along.

Ah, that's better. You could do anything at this desk. Write the next Twilight or Gone With the Wind, create another Microsoft or Google...

... even revive an e-consultancy that's been left for dead.

Everyone -- and I mean everyone -- looks prettier in this mirror.

And at the end of a long day you could curl up in that pretty little prom dress and rest your weary self on top of what surely is the softest -- yet at the same time, firmest -- mattress in the world, safe in the knowledge that all your dreams would be good, and that every one would come true.


  1. Is that really a WH mousepad?

  2. Yes, Laurie, it is. Though from which era -- pre- or post- marchFIRST/dot-bomb I don't know.


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