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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Skokie Fun and Games

Judging from our previous posts, the good people of Skokie know how to enjoy themselves. Toys, games, daring wallpaper and decorating choices... it's obvious they knew how to have a good time. Add the owners of this cozy ranch to their number.

There's nothing more fun than a rousing march.

A pretzel barrel full of golf balls. Not just fun, but wacky and practical, too. Wacktical!

As fine a collection of vintage board games as you're likely to find anywhere in the Chicago area.

I'll set up the tower, and you can be the terrorist, okay?

Can you name all 48?

I'd say a few too many have been playing this one lately. Though it does give me a great idea: the collateralized debt obligation game. Buy stuff blindly and sell it to the other players before the timer goes off and the economy goes into the shitter!

Awww. Who needs a hug?

Talk about your sense of fun. I love the fact that somebody very cleverly added an "s" to "husband." Who knows how many hen-pecked men lived here at one time? Or what kind of black widow presided over their every coming and going?

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