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Monday, March 8, 2010

Mount Prospect Multimedia

The best thing about this Mount Prospect ranch -- aside from the fact that it was another great suburban ranch -- is all the great old media choices they still had hanging around.

What do I enjoy more than finding a collection of old LPs and the console stereo that used to to play them? Finding the console stereo up and running. Especially when there's a Steve and Eydie album playing.

This one had seen many an evening of home entertainment, and quite possibly some better days. Because the belt was slipping on this model, which made Eydie sound something more like a red-breasted warbler and not her usual song-belting self.

However, that shouldn't stop you or me from admiring a simpler technology from a gentler time.

This great reel-to-reel recorder/player was in a nearby closet. You can tell that it was portable, because it came in a suitcase. You could conveniently take it anywhere!

There's just something funny to me about a tissue box that says, "Welcome." It's like someone wanted you to know that in this house, it was perfectly okay if you needed to blow your nose.

Nice dining room.

Something about this set-up just makes me want to sit down and get to work on the Great American Novel.

With those angels flanking the title, something tells me the Money Miracle involves a lot of praying to be rich.

"New" is, of course, a relative term. I wonder what Ms. Post would say about Estate Sale Stories?

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