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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Odds and Ends from Here and There: Green Things

St. Patrick's Day is right up there with World Religion Day and National Hobby Month as far as holidays go. But people seem to like it, and Lord knows we need something to celebrate this time of year, so here we go.

We'll start with this Richard Simmons DVD, because he's always good for an easy joke and we could probably all stand to lose a few pounds.

Moving right along. I miss these phones, along with those orthopedic-looking shoulder braces. This one looks like it would happily put an eye out if you were unlucky enough to aim it in the wrong direction.

I wish I could have taken this trio home with me. They would have gone perfectly with that phone above.

Faithful readers of this blog have already seen this photo. It's hard to believe toilet paper used to come in a rainbow of pastel colors, and with roses and flowers printed on it, too. It's true: the past really was a more elegant and civilized time.

I'm sure this is still perfectly fine to use.

I wanted this picture for my office, but I was afraid it would send the wrong message to management.

Two of these trolls are dressed for the wrong holiday.

How to raise an envious little girl.

The only things this walker is missing are some streamers for the handlebars and a couple rear-view mirrors.

Never paint a room this color. This color is reserved for hospital emergency rooms and that place where the school janitor waits until class is over.

Thanks for stopping by. May your St. Patrick's Day be green!

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