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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's Always Sunny in Skokie

It was a gray day when we visited this Skokie two-story ranch. But that was outside. Inside, why, it had never been sunnier!

Thanks to the G.E. SUNLAMP, you can "enjoy year 'round suntan!" And increased incidence of skin cancer! In the comfort of your own home!

Here's the back. Don't bother squinting or clicking the picture for a larger version. Here's the best part: "For all the family," says the second subhead, rather inelegantly. "Most people who can be tanned by the sun can use the G.E. SUNLAMP. You may wish you consult your physicians in some cases," it cautions, ever so blithely. "Particularly concerning babies and small children." After all, nothing looks healthier on a baby than a nice, dark tan. And premature wrinkling.

Ah, ha! Discovered in an upstairs bathroom: one of the "various fixtures and holders" designed for the G.E. SUNLAMP. Along with one of its younger siblings, apparently from the seventies.

I wasn't surprised to find it here. Everything about this bathroom was bright and sunny!

From the wallpaper.

To this cheery yellow tile vanity top.

You know what be even more awesome? If each of those yellow tiles had a little smiley face painted on it.


  1. Actually, those tiles are amazing! I would have bought the freakin' vanity. No smiley faces though, just a bunch of little suns having a sun orgy.

  2. I went to that sale, too, and I noticed the tiles on the vanity, and I kind of liked them as well.

    Actually, that house had a lot of potential.

  3. Meredyth and Jo: You're both right. I liked the house, too. Skokie is full of great "undiscovered" moderns, isn't it?

  4. Ladies, I just have to comment again, because that vanity was and IS awesome. I wish it was still available, because I would have redone my bathroom in that. (Maybe not the yellow, but you get my drift.) I saw something similar at the Evanston Modern. Check it out at


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