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Friday, October 16, 2009

Des Plaines DIY Special

Here lived a handyman, a jack-of-many-trades and a master of some. A man who would rather do it himself than pay someone to do it for him. And someone who was not averse to living with the consequences.

We begin in the garage. What in the world is that on the walls?

Successful sponge painting calls for a certain technique. This is not it. Unless you're going for that random-growths-of-mold look. In that case, congratulations. Because you nailed it.

Paneled family room, circa nineteen something-something.

Well, hello gorgeous! That solid turquoise helmet you're wearing must weigh a ton!

I was tempted to buy this lamp and donate it to my local Indian restaurant.

There's a basement? Let's check it out.

A basement workshop? Even better.

Wow -- someone was into clocks.

Clocks of all shapes and sizes.

Making clocks. Repairing clocks.

Also, clock rugs.

When the beginning or end of daylight savings time rolls around, resetting this thing becomes an all-day affair.

Among the editors at the Horological Times, this is considered a sexy cover.

It was time to leave. I turned to climb the stairs and saw this. It gives a whole new meaning to the term "watch your step." After all, how could you not?

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