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Saturday, October 3, 2009

There's Something Appealing About World Domination

Today's traffic stats showed readers streaming in from Canada, Brazil (congratulations on that Olympics thing, by the way -- no, really), Argentina, Spain, England, The Netherlands, South Africa, Singapore, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Trinidad and Tobago.

To all our global fans, welcome to Estate Sale Stories and thanks for reading! Your membership kits are on their way.


  1. Spent a long time doing estate auctions, love your site Michael, on so many levels. Love seeing the houses in that weird juxtaposition between lived in and for-sale ready. Saw houses that almost made me want to move - and I've done way more than enough of that - but crumbling edgewater (such stories there), kitchen turntables and edgewater plumbing, (what ever is edgewater like?) if ever someone I know is moving your way they ought to check out your site. If a house there makes one say yum, it must be special. Nice that you mention what you've buy. Thanks to Lisa Gloria for linking you.

  2. Thanks for the comment, linsend. Appreciate you visiting and reading, and so glad you enjoy the blog.

    Yes, many of these houses are for sale, and yes, I've been tempted by one or two (or three or four). The Park Ridge Galleria of Wallpaper is one I still with I could have afforded.

    Any friend of Lisa Gloria's is a friend of mine. Welcome!


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