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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Evanston Cat House

Let's count the cats in this Evanston townhome, you and I. Ready? Begin.

Here we are, looking down on the living room. No cats in sight. However, it does smell a bit like cat pee. I'm sure there are cats somewhere in here. Let's nose around and see what we can find.

The bedroom... I see Cat #1 right there on top of the headboard. Do you? Let's take a closer look.

Awww. How cute is Cat #2? I'd say awfully, wouldn't you?

Cats #3 and #4 are tapestry kitties, who gaze out onto the yard from their spot near the peonies.

Cat #5 sits regally on his patchwork pillow.

This is his patchwork companion, Cat #6.

The cats on this bolt of fabric make it an even ten. But who can say how many more are hiding in there? Can you?

Oh my! I see 17, making our total 27. But once again, who knows how many more cats cover this cozy comforter? Only the cleverest cat expert, that's who!

Down a short hallway we find another bedroom -- and these four cats cavorting near the ceiling. That makes 31. The caption reads, "Once cats were all wild, but they retired to houses." That's funny, because some day this cat hopes to retire to the wild!

Hmm. All plates are $7. I wonder what kind of plates they are? Don't you?

Why, cat plates, of course! It looks like #32 has picked a comfortable spot atop some knick-knacks.

#33 is sleeping near this sewing machine.

#34 is snoozing in a suitcase.

Cat #35 is curled up amongst some Americana.

Cat #36 has tuckered himself out playing with all his toys.

Cat #37 is taking a break on the birdbath.

Cat #38 is napping amongst the hardback books.

Cat #39 should wake up -- those naughty birds are just asking for trouble. Wake up you lazy cats!

Cats #40 and #41 are busy minding the store.

It looks like Cat #42 has found something delicious in the pantry!

Cats #43-#45 love them some watermelon!

It looks like Cats #46 and #47 certainly know what that fishbowl is for.

I'd say Cats #48 and #49 are planning to teach those cardinals a lesson.

And Cats #50 and #51 have a special delivery for their feathered friends.

But Cat #52 is just a kitten -- too small and tender to savage those pesky birds.

Cats #53 and #54 can't tell the difference between this and a show about birds on the Discovery Channel.

All those cats have tired me out. But I bet we can find some more down here. Are you still with me? Good.

Cat #55 is enjoying a fresh kill.

Cats #56-#58 would like to sing you some Christmas carols.

Accompanied by Cats #59 and #60. That mouse in the middle better watch out!

Cats #61 and #62 will keep all those holiday drinks from ruining the finish of your fine furniture. But I'm warning you cats: stay out of mama's Scotch!

Cat #63 will help keep your skin soft during the holidays.

Cats #64 and #65 wouldn't mind cozying up with you on the sofa.

Cats #66 and #67 better put down the songbooks and look behind them -- the Tazmanian Devil is hot on their tails!

Cat #68 has killed and wrapped something especially for you.

And finally, Cat #69 will help you count down the days of the year. Thank you, cats!


  1. Needs more cats.

  2. Yeah, I would have liked to stop at an even hundred myself.

  3. This place has nothing on my great Aunt's. I think she has at least 69 real cats.

  4. Jesse, be sure to let me know if she ever has an estate sale.


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