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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Swinging Evanston Colonial

On the main floor, this place was all business and traditional furniture and proper North Shore living.

It even had that uptight lord-and-lady wallpaper all over the dining room. But something tells me these people knew how to entertain.

Why don't you and the Mrs. stop by on Saturday night? We're having a few other couples over for our regular get-together. I think they'd really love to meet you.

We'll start with a little dinner. Probably something from that new Scandinavian cookbook my wife is so crazy about. Bring an appetite! (And breath mints.)

Afterward, I'll break out the homemade wine, and we can, um, get things started.

Once everybody is loosened up, we'll all go downstairs.

We've set up a little space for, you know, fun and games.

Whoa! Don't open that door just yet.

You all get comfortable while I turn on the hi-fi and freshen those drinks.

You know, I modeled this kitchenette after the one in the basement of the Playboy mansion.

Eek. A mouse!

Later on we can play a little something I like to call...

..."Letting the lobster out of its cage."

Share and share alike, that's our motto. Isn't that right, honey?



  1. Is that a wine bottle or a bong in that last photo? Maybe those colonials weren't such a stuffy bunch after all.

  2. I asked myself the same question. I decided it was a wine bottle that had been converted to a bong.


  3. You shoulda gone behind the police-taped door! My guess: fetish dungeon.


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