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Friday, October 2, 2009

River Grove Bordello

I'm not making any claims about the people who lived here or how they made their living. I just attend the sales, take photos, and pass snap judgments. But there was definitely an unmistakable Victorian-house-of-ill-repute feel to this place.

You entered the house through the back door, and this bedroom was the first stop. That floral-and-butterfly print wallpaper on a black background must have looked great in the light of a red bulb.

The way this reclining minstrel blends into that pattern is pure genius.

These masks of comedy and tragedy kept watch over the bed beneath them. I'm sure they both found plenty to laugh/cry about.

This assault on the senses was just down the hall. As Tim Gunn says from time to time on Project Runway, "That's a lot of look."

This pair of pink chairs and the Grecian statuary lamp between them are doing nothing to alleviate the situation.

Let's follow this mother and daughter down to the basement.

This French Provincial-style TV is probably similar to the one Napoleon and Marie Antoinette used to watch.

For just one dollar I could have been the proud owner of a giant plastic bar of Dial soap. I was a fool to pass it up.

If I owned this, I'd hang it next to a print of that Salvador Dali painting with the melted watches.

You two again? Get a room. There are plenty upstairs!

Here we have Streisand and Kristofferson's porcelain counterparts. This might have been kind of cool, if someone hadn't stitched their eyes closed.

Based on everything I've seen here today, this magazine must have been a gift subscription. And, perhaps, a hint.

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