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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Evanston Judeo-Gentile Apartment

Was the person who lived here Jewish or Gentile? I couldn't decide. Maybe they couldn't either.

Two copies of The Great Hadassah Cookbook? That's pretty Jewish. Score one -- no, make that two -- for our Hebrew brothers and sisters.

Oooh, records! Let's see what they've got.

One copy of How to Be a Jewish Mother, plus at least a dozen Christmas records. Call it even.

This again? That makes three times in one day. Streisand is Jewish, Kristofferson's not. Score remains love-love.

What do you call a needlepoint nude? Nudlepoint. I don't think either religion has anything to do with this -- or wants to.

The insanity reached its peak here. That's a Hanukkah menorah. But those are Christmas tree bulbs in it.

I give up.

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