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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Morton Grove Modern

Modern houses are great. They're streamlined, roomy and open. They were built with convenience and good living in mind. And they have television. Lots and lots of televisions.

Of course, who needs TV with a fireplace like this to look at?

The craftsmanship can stand up to years of daily wear and tear.

Modern homes often have multi-purpose spaces, like this breakfast area/sunporch.

Studies with built-in desks and cabinetry are common to the style.

These rooms can be cozy places to sit and watch a television show. (TV #1.)

Or two. (TV #2.)

To avoid squabbles, children often have their own televisions. (TVs #3 and #4.)

When one goes bad, just replace it with another. It's the Modern Way! (TVs #5 and #6.)

Many homes of this era also have finished basements, to maximize the living space.

They're great places to gather the whole family together and watch some television. (TV #7.)

The basement wet bar is another common feature of Modern homes.

It makes grabbing another Seven & Seven during commercial breaks fast and easy. Who else is ready for another?

Here you go. This is one of the upstairs bedrooms. (TV #8.)

Well, hello there, you big-eyed snow princess. Did I interrupt while you were watching some TV? You remind me of someone else.

Another bedroom, another TV. This one is trying to hide beneath that pillow, but you can't fool me. I'm hot on your trail. (TV #9.)

Down the hall, in another bedroom, the first of two wedding dresses I'd see today. But alas, no TV.

Yet another bedroom. Wait, what's that down there on the floor, beneath that lamp? Is it? Could it be? It... isn't. It's a microwave oven, but it had me fooled for a second, too.

Purchased: Four linen napkins with a light blue border, free.

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