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Monday, August 31, 2009

Melrose Park Collectible Collection

East meets west and goes to the circus in this Melrose Park condominium.

We begin with the three stages of geisha-hood. I think that's a cocktail umbrella that the littlest one is carrying.

On one side of this buffet men toil in the rice paddies.

While on the other side women dressed in their far-East finery look on and laugh.

This would be a peaceful-looking scene...

... if not for the howling multi-colored coyote on the left.

From north to south, Eskimos to Mexicans are represented here.

This Indian maiden clearly enjoys her life on the reservation. "Thank you," she seems to be saying, "for taking our land and bringing us smallpox."

This little one seems less than thrilled about her future of poverty and alcoholism.

Both belong to this set of American Indian plates from the Hamilton Collection. Each originally retailed for $24.99. I think that's what you call red man's revenge.

Time to send in the clowns.

The only thing that would have made these two more perfect is if salt came out one side of their heads and pepper from the other.

Now there's some sad things known to man...

... but there ain't too much sadder than...

... the art of a clown.


  1. I always wondered who bought those Indian Maiden plates at truckstops. Did they have any leaping stag tapestries or were those already sold?

  2. No tapestries, but more than a few kokopellos, or whatever you call those Indian flute-playing things.


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