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Monday, August 10, 2009

Berwyn Rumpus Room

Almost everything interesting about this place was underground.

Oh, sure, there was this wedding dress that looked like the bride had been raptured out of it just moments ago. It was the second I'd seen that day.

And what woman wouldn't appreciate the savings to be found here?

But everything about these stairs to the basement promised danger and intrigue. There's something inspired about that combination of brickwork and wallpaper. It really lures you in -- possibly to your death from a nasty tumble. This may be what attorneys are talking about when they refer to something as an "attractive nuisance."

This planter/bookshelf combo congratulates you on your safe arrival at the foot of the stairs. I've marveled at mid-century indoor planters before, and how they assumed a certain level of horticultural savvy from the lady of the house. But this one, situated in a dark basement, required only these durable plastic flowers.

The great thing about this basement is that it was so obviously meant for entertaining. Here it looks like it's set up for a night of slumber party dress-up games.

Naturally there was a wet bar, with this smart kitchenette along the back.

With this well-stocked pantry close at hand, it would be easy to whip up the kind of snacks party-goers crave.

Once everybody had a plate in one hand and a good stiff drink in the other, we can gather round the player piano and sing all the old favorites.

Then stumble over to the organ and belt out some of the new ones. 'Nother round?

Who's ready to go against the old man in a game of shuffleboard? Come on! Why is everybody leaving? It's still early!

Oh, well. Let's get out the projector and go through the slides from our California vacation in '62. Who's ready for another drink. You? Anyone?

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