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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sauganash Under Wraps

A generous reader named Cathy turned me on to this sale. "Plastic-covered furniture!" her email promised, so I had to check it out. Oddly enough, the place was virtually empty by the time I arrived. Except for the plastic-covered furniture.

Apologies for this photo's quality. These two sales workers were eagle-eyed and seemed intent on staying put -- neither of them on the plastic-covered couch, however. I had to snap this pic on the sly. Despite that, you can see that the sofa on the right has been kept safely under plastic for its entire life, and is as fresh as the day it had left the factory.

Another pic, worse than the first. Judging from the guy on the right's body language, he might have been wondering if something was up.

A little TV room off the formal living area, with two green chairs, also sealed for their protection.

At only $45 each, it's a pity these weren't more attractive, because they, too, were spotless bargains. You have to admire not only the workmanship that goes into making those custom plastic covers -- such tight fits! so cleverly constructed! -- but the dedication required to keep them on for so many years. You'd think eventually someone would get tired of peeling themselves off the sofa and chairs, say"To hell with it" and just sit on the upholstery. But no.

Yes, there was a basement, but aside from a trophy, a shadeless lamp and few other odds and ends...

... it was practically empty.

Even the hangers were empty.

There was this one room in the back with a few things left in it for the intrepid estate saler.

Among them was this pile of Daley/Pucinski rubber jar openers. Someone either worked for the ward, or did an awful lot of very small favors for the alderman. Note that these are still in their plastic wrappers and also in excellent condition.

There was a second floor, all of it wood-paneled. And when I say wood-paneled, I don't mean that particle-board stuff that lined the walls of your parent's rumpus room.

Or that appeared in this series of smarmy but brilliant Calvin Klein Jeans ads from 1994. (By the way, I think that's a very young Bijoux Phillips appearing at the 2:00 mark.)

No. This was real wood beadboard, everywhere you looked. I've been running into quite a bit of it lately.

Here's another room featuring the stuff, along with some forgotten Christmas things.

A tip to estate sale organizers everywhere: Just throw this stuff away. No one wants it. Plus, there's almost nothing sadder than cast-off Christmas decorations. Or the tears of a clown.

Odd construction touch: This is the door from the stairs to the second floor. I don't know why that window is in there, unless it was to keep from opening the door and accidentally knocking someone off the stairs who was on their way up -- in which case, why not just remove the door?

Wave goodbye to that Santa on top of the chest of drawers, because we're out of here.

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