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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Melrose Park Chinese Garden, Part 2

Let's climb the stairs of this Melrose Park split-level and see what's inside.

A bathroom. Something about that wallpaper makes me want to snark, but I really can't think of anything good to say about it. You can take that statement whichever way you want.

Here's the vanity, which was actually pretty cool. It juxtaposed two different colors/patterns of mid-century Formica. When I opened that door on the left it fell off in my hand. Someone obviously needed a handyman.

That's when the major insight about this place struck me. There was very little masculine influence anywhere to be found. Possibly none.

I suddenly got a very clear picture of this home's owner as a strong, independent, possibly single-for-life woman. A tough, trail-blazing working girl who did things her way. I don't know if that's the case of not, but it makes sense.

One of the bedrooms, in what I was coming to think of as her trademark style. The funny thing about this photo is that I later saw an old woman walking out with that entire stack of afghans. I'd like to think she was going to pass them off to friends and relatives as her own work.

Second bedroom. Lavendar walls, aqua drapes. What these pictures don't show is that this place was mobbed. People were buzzing around like this was some incredible bonanza.

Maybe it was. This room had a couple interesting finds.

An interesting lamp. I'm guessing she lived here 40-50 years, and during that time the livingroom went through three distinct looks.

The first, when she moved in, happened some time in the early '60s and was all about pink and teal. The second, around the mid-'70s, embraced red, which is where those chairs and the matching lamp came from, along with a solid-red sofa I didn't photograph. Finally, some time in the '90s, she moved on to the current theme of yellow florals.

I'd also like to think she had a nightclub act.

This bathroom was right off of this room, and was oddly pristine. I don't think it was ever used. It was like a movie set.

This Oriental diptych hung in the living room.

Living room, different angle.

This hung nearby. Great lamp. $85. Wish I owned a vintage furniture store, or a prop house specializing in '60s-'70s. Yeah -- those sound like two money-making career ideas.

There was even more stuff in the garage. Mostly clothes.

Come over for dinner Saturday night with me and the girls. I'll make stir-fry and Singapore slings.

I also found this drink coaster/ashtray combo, which I had to buy. They said the price was fifty cents, but I gave them a dollar.

I'd like to think it's right.

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