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Monday, November 2, 2009

Evanston Modern

I liked this house and I think I would have liked these people. From the street it looked like an ordinary ranch, but inside it had some flair. There were some nice items I missed out on, too.

Right past the front door was this little room, with a powder room on the right.

The powder room had this cool faux-stone floor.

There was some nice brickwork in the house, including this fireplace in the front room. I don't know what this space was for -- there was one much larger and grander just on the other side of the wall. Maybe it was a little room you let people into when you didn't want them to see the rest of your house. The kind of place you reserved for sales people, political volunteers and Jehovah's Witnesses.

The great room had a cathedral ceiling over a dining room and a large living room, and was pretty cool in a Mad Men sort of way, which is the way I take it.

The owners had nice taste in furniture, and they took good care of it.

The overhead lights added a theatrical flair to the feeding frenzy that was going on in front of three large cabinets full of classical CDs.

The owners also collected art.

A lot of it in the purple and aqua range.

Which would have looked good in my old apartment.

They also had a lot of really great mid-century pottery and ceramic lamps.

All of them had been sold to a mysterious "K."

He really didn't leave anything behind for anyone else.

He grabbed those lamps like a fat kid eats cake.

Eventually I found out "K" was Karl.

I bet Karl has a cute store somewhere, and comes to these sales on Fridays and makes a fortune selling this stuff for four times what he paid for it.

I hate Karl. Karl got my life.


  1. At first, I was worried this post didn't have any of the accustomed snark. But you just made me wait for it.

  2. I with you on this one. The Karls of this world always seem to get there earlier and grab the good stuff.

  3. Karl sucks. Those were awesome!

  4. I will bookmark this site. keep doing your great job


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