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Monday, November 30, 2009

Skokie Toy Chest

There were lots of playthings in this Skokie house. For big kids and little ones.

Biggest stack of vintage Playboys I've ever seen -- and a single, lone Playgirl. All were from the sixties and seventies. Imagine the hours of fun the right person could have with these. (Note to John J. in Little Rock: I came across these before you asked me to keep my eye out for them. Sorry!)

The basement was filled with toys and games from the same era.

Someone must have been a Shaun Cassidy fan once upon a time.

A real Shaun Cassidy fan.

A really big Shaun Cassidy fan.

A really really big Shaun Cassidy fan.

For reals.

This pile of stuffed animals in one corner looked to me like the beginning of a Mike Kelly installation.

There was a whole ping pong table filled with dead dolls.

These Donnie and Marie dolls had never been taken out of the package, and were $30 each. Now that Donnie has won Dancing with the Stars, I imagine the price on his has gone up considerably.

I have no idea why Shirley Temple was only $15.

The world of love -- carry it with you wherever you go.

UPDATE: Speck, a reader from Arkansas, wrote a better line for this photo than me, so be sure to check it out below in the comments.

This pachinko game didn't work, and ended up selling for just $5.

Who remembers these?

There was a bar of sorts, too.

With some of the wackiest wallpaper I've ever seen.

Whoops -- one more Shaun Cassidy item up for bids.

The last toy I found -- and definitely one of the adult variety. It's a bed with a red blanket on it and two heads sticking out from beneath it. When you pulled it behind you, the bodies under the blanket went up and down, up and down. Price: $125.

Purchased: Masterpiece game, $5; Steve Martin Let's Get Small LP, $1; Saturday Night Live LP, $1; The Love Machine paperback by Jacqueline Susanne, $.50; Peyton Place paperback by Grace Metalious, $.50.


  1. I would have snatched up the Love carrying case because Love can get so messy sometimes. It would be handy to have it all tidied up in a nice, wipeable case.

    The pachinko machine would have found a new home too, working or not, just because it's a pachinko machine. How cool is that.

    Ah, the Dip-a-Flower. My grandmother gave me one as a Christmas present when I was about 10 or so. Oy. I thought it was tragic even at 10.

  2. Wow. Well, keep your eyes peeled for my Playboys, though I don't know if my wife will be too happy about that.

  3. Speck: You wrote a better line for that photo than I did. Mind if I steal it?

    JH: You know I will. Stay close to your cell phone.

  4. Sure! Take it and edit at will.

  5. I had so many of those Shaun Cassiday things - and yet I recall that I was more of a Parker Stevenson girl.

  6. I loved those Dip a Flower. If you want any insight into toxic chemical arts and crafts kits of the 70's I am probably your girl.

  7. OMG-- I had the Love doll growing up and my sister had the Peace doll, seems like there was a Harmony doll or something...

  8. Meg: I'm more of a Parker Stevenson guy myself.

    Molly: I bet you remember those flowers made out of fun fur, too, amirite?

    Tamara: I had no idea. How interesting! Love, Peace -and- Harmony? Thanks for passing along that info.

  9. My G-ma gave me the Dip a Flower for Christmas back in the early 70's. I can't remember how "beautiful bouquets" we made


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