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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Skokie Modern

I went to this place the same day I visited the Evanston Modern. It was fantastic as well, but for different reasons. From the street it cut a much sharper figure -- this was a house you'd notice driving by. But inside it was a bit more middle-class. It also had some really memorable wallpaper.

Can't you just imagine sitting next to Don Draper in one of these chairs and negotiating something shameful?

This sectional was in really excellent shape.

Not everything was a knock-out. The most interesting thing about this chair and ottoman pair -- aside from the fact that it was not repurposed from a 1973 Plymouth Fury...

... is that there was two of them.

The kitchen was small and bore the wounds of a redecoration some time in 1985, I'd say.

But it opened onto a well-proportioned dining area, with a doorway to a glassed-in sunroom at the back.

This beautiful bench hid behind the table and chairs.

The downstairs bathroom was gray and pink tile, made worse by that psychedelic nightmare on the walls.

I also struggle with pink bathroom tile at home, so trust me when I say this only makes matters worse.

The stairs to the second floor had a bit of style, with the lower landing open to the living room. That glass-block window is a sharp touch and -- believe it or not -- I actually like that Japanesy cherry-blossom wallpaper across from it.

This is the second-floor bathroom, and the tile in here makes me yearn for the one downstairs. Those are not flowers on the wall...

... but stylized fishes in peach, yellow and gray. It's an excellent match for the color scheme, but still. Sometimes paint and a few nice pieces of artwork really are a better choice.

There was quite a bit of nice furniture in the house, and the upstairs bedrooms were no exception.

It's 10:54 AM on Saturday, October 10.


Before leaving I took a spin through the garage. I hope this Hamm's beer light found a good home in some nice Ukrainian Village hipster dive bar.

I also found this Victorian settee, shunned and alone, like some eccentric old aunt that no one wants anything to do with. I don't know how she ended up here, but she's obviously in the wrong family.

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