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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Proper Park Ridge Colonial

Park Ridge is just northeast of O'Hare Airport. It's the kind of place people are referring to when they roll their eyes and say, "the 'burbs." Once though, towns like Park Ridge were called "bedroom communities." I think there was a reason for that.

What a lovely living room. I think I'll go to sleep right here.

Nothing to write about here. Let's keep looking.

Honestly, is there nothing interesting or unusual about this place?

No. But it does remind me of a funny story.

Earlier this summer I was at an estate sale very much like this one. This was before I was taking photos and writing this blog.

The house was nice and proper and respectably middle-class in every possible way.

Naturally, I went down to the basement to nose around.

In the back I found a box. After a closer look, I discovered it was filled with sex toys of all shapes and sizes, and half a dozen economy-size bottles of lube.

That was the day I got the idea for this blog.


  1. Does every house in Chicago, or its bedroom communities, have a basement?

    Word verification, IMPLO.

    Only missing a D and E.

  2. Yes, sir. Pretty much every one. And if the house was built in the '50s or '60s, five dollars will get you ten there's a bar in the basement.


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