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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Morton Grove Thanksgiving Dinner

Here in the greater Chicagoland metro area we occasionally refer to Morton Grove as Moron Grove. That's funny, right?

But the more I see of Morton Grove and its mid-century and contemporary homes, the more I wish I held some anonymous desk job at one of the thousand no-name companies out in the northwestern suburbs, just so it would be convenient to live in a place like this.

Here's the view from the front door. It extends from the entryway straight through that formal dining room, past the large living room, out onto the generous patio and backyard, and then into the great beyond. I mean, this shit is Dallas.

Put the extra leaves in the table, haul up the other six chairs from the basement, and this house could host the best Thanksgiving dinner ever.

Work with me now and show some love for this dining room chandelier. Come on people, who's with me?

You all go ahead and eat. I'll be there in a bit. I just want to stand here and finish my wine, and bask in the glow of a warm kitchen in a happy home.

After dinner the grown-ups can all retire to the living room.

Watch out, now -- that's my chair.

Why don't you kids head into the TV room and play XBox on the Nintendo, or whatever it is you do?

The bathroom is right down the hall. Just look for the starburst pattern splashed over everything and turn left.

Later on, maybe we can all watch a VHS tape on the console TV. I've got Scrooged!

After saying my goodnights I like to pause for a few moments, reflecting on the day's festivities while I brush my teeth, take off my face and prepare for bed.

Tomorrow morning when I wake up, it'll be Christmastime.


  1. It is pronounced "Moron" Grove -- the "T" is silent.

  2. Oh, me me me! Pick me! (waving raised hand wildly). I want to be a moron from Morton (the 't' is silent) Grove. I'll take the house, the chairs, the chandelier, the life. Geez, that TV room is larger than my whole house.


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