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Friday, November 6, 2009

Harwood Heights Retro Christian Rockabilly Hideout

The name makes this suburb sound like patrician homes atop hills with tree-lined drives. In reality, it's cookie-cutter tract houses and modest commercial strips clustered just east of O'Hare Airport. Anything could be hiding behind those bland, anonymous walls. Anything was.

Blinds! Blinds! Blinds!

Oh, look. My blog has seven fans!

There was a lot of retro.

I took a look inside. How could I not with such a provocative title? And apparently, they want to know about menstruation.

Not everyone can pull off aqua on pink.

Especially with mustard yellow sitting nearby.

The secret is in the proper lighting.

There were records, too.

Well, hello again. You two certainly do get around.

The bookshelves were testament to someone's Christian beliefs.

Also an interest in building and construction. Jesus was a carpenter, so I guess it fits.

There were also a bunch of WilliWear suits -- a brand from the '80s. They were kind of zoot-suity and rockabilly and a bit weird. This is one of the more conservative models.

Yes, that's purple with red slubs. Perfect for those times when you want to create an unforgettable impression.

Wow. All I can say is that this is the person you want nearby if you ever pop a button or forget your keys.

Purchased: Vintage lamp, $10.

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