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Friday, September 25, 2009

Palatine Glass House

From the outside it looked like a perfectly ordinary tract home. Nothing distinguished it from its neighbors. Inside, it was a different story.

Even the view from the front door was pleasant. Bright, spacious and airy, with a dramatic spiral staircase. What's not to love?

The kitchen was brand new -- or close enough to it.

Right across from it was this swinging conversation pit and fireplace. You could throw a sweet Playboy After Dark-themed party in this place.

Especially with this collection of plastic pastel drinkware on hand. What'll it be -- margarita or parfait?

But before long it became obvious that someone -- amateur architect or hyper handyman -- had had their way with this place.

This sunroom was the first clue that we were working through an "expanse of glass" theme.

The spiral stairs had been installed on the cheap. Climbing them was a bit of an adventure, because they shimmied and shook with every step.

Here's a shot looking down on the first floor from the second floor hallway. No camera trickery was involved in this shot.

The entire wall was made of windows. I didn't know whether to be dazzled or extra-cuidado. One false move and I could fall to my doom in a shower of broken glass. Across that expanse are two large windows. The lower one looked in on the dining room; the upper, on the master bedroom. Everywhere you looked, there were windows where windows didn't need to be.

On my way out I found this box. The first thing I thought when I saw it was, "Goodbye Kitty."

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