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Monday, September 7, 2009

Arlington Heights House of Mirrors

Once upon a time, someone must have read that mirrors can brighten and visually expand the size of a room. That, or someone just loved looking at themselves. You decide.

Every time you walk in the front door, there you are to greet yourself. Every time you leave the house, you're the last person you see.

This dramatic wall of mirrors in the living room can double the size of any gathering you have without increasing your food or liquor budget.

Turn to your right and you'll find this enormous mirrored screen standing next to a sizable wall mirror. If sunlight ever entered this place at just the right angle, it could bounce around so much that something could burst into flames.

This mirrored tray sat nearby.

What better way to keep an eye on your waistline when in the kitchen than with this mirrored back splash?

This tri-level mirrored plant stand stood nearby.

This bathroom provides you with a glimpse into infinity.

This downstairs bedroom had a sneaky mirror hiding in the back.

Upstairs was another bedroom with mirrored walls. Insert your own smarmy joke here.

And a mirrored closet door.

I believe that's a mirrored tray sitting on this very nice dresser with tambour doors.

And yet another on its mate across the room.

This photo of the master bathroom features one mirror reflecting several other mirrors, with a mirrored light switch cover on it. The possibilities of seeing yourself while in various states of indignity are endless.

I had my suspicions about what I might find downstairs.

More mirrors! Also, a cool stuffed marlin.

UPDATE: A helpful reader wrote to say: "That fish you identified as a marlin is actually a sailfish. The difference is mainly in the top fin. A marlin's top fin is much smaller, although both fishes are equally as impressive." Especially when stuffed and hanging on a wall. Thanks for the clarification.

And another mirror!

And a third! Are we finished yet? Hell, no.

On to the garage.

Let's take a moment to consider this white leather dentist chair. In the right setting, it could be awesome. A great place to stretch out after a long day at work and enjoy some TV. Or get some root canal work done in the comfort of your own home.

Here's another if you'd like something a bit more contemporary.

What's this? Yet another mirror -- and the last. That makes at least 24. Or 48. Or 96. Or 192...

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