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Friday, September 18, 2009

Northbrook Row House

Not only was this place badly decorated, it was also blandly decorated. Out-dated, too. The whole thing felt like the model unit of a planned community that had gone up in 1992.

These stairs were right inside the front door. Seniors: do yourself a favor and please leave now. This is no place for you and your stiff joints and achy-breaky bones and propensity for bad falls.

This yawning chasm waited at the top of the stairs. I think I first saw this set-up about 15 years ago, in the window of one of those cut-rate furniture stores on north Clark Street.

5 pc.

Best quality!
Free financing!

Buy this now for the next time abstract, black, purple and hot-pink rugs are popular.

One thing you can say for this bedroom is that it sure does make you feel sleepy.

Don't bother asking. The pencil cup is NOT 4 sale. You will never possess it. Not at any price.


  1. If he didn't live with Kevin, Stan would live here.

  2. Oh, snap. But yeah, it did remind me of the White Lodge in Aurora.


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