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Friday, September 4, 2009

River Grove Wildlife Refuge

This little bungalow was filled with creatures great and small.

Here's the kitchen. I include it not because it contained so many animals. It didn't. But there were two women at the sale who kept commenting about how cute it was. It's not the worst kitchen I've ever seen -- that honor would have to go this this place in Highland Park -- but cute? Eye of the beholder, I guess.

However, I did find this trio of cardinals perched on the counter.

This tropical sun room was just a few steps behind the kitchen, and teemed with wildlife.

This proud big cat decorated one wall.

And this adorable little one took care of the other.

These birds really gave the room an Enchanted Tiki Room vibe. Am I in River Grove, or Disneyland?

I'd like to think you flushed this once to turn it on, and again to turn it off.

I'm not sure what species of Cardinal this is, but it does poorly in captivity.

Unlucky bamboo.

Let's go downstairs. Be sure to watch your step, and not the crazy crime-scene tape strung everywhere.

Or this crappy tile job. The only nice thing you can say about this is that it certainly is durable.

This mattress and box spring are fit for a king. Of the jungle!

It looks like a bird flew up to that straw hat, built a comfortable nest made from leaves and flowers, laid some lovely eggs, and then just decided to die.

Here's the world's angriest-looking parrot to see us off for today. Polly says, "That's all."

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  1. I can't stop laughing at the toilet lamp!!!


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