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Monday, September 14, 2009

Elmhurst Block Sale

It's not nice to advertise your block sale as an estate sale. But people do it from time to time any way.

Did some of you people perpetrate this scam? If so, shame on you. Now let me in to your house. I have photos to take and snark to dish out.

I don't like to boast, but I have this exact same fondue set at home in harvest gold.

Question: Which wildly popular game from the 1980s originally retailed for $19.99 and can now be purchased for about two bucks?

Scariest. Clown painting. Ever. Recently a co-worker asked me to pick up some bad clown art for him. He said he wanted it to frighten his kids. Seems like a legitimate reason to me. Unfortunately, that was after I happened upon this monstrosity, or I would have gladly delivered it to his office. Until something suitable shows up again, I suggest printing out this picture and hanging it next to their beds. It should do the trick nicely.

When you buy the foam for just $2.00, we include the dirt and bugs at no extra cost!

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