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Friday, September 11, 2009

Chicago Salesman's Home/Office

This was a memorable place. Not so much for what we found in it -- there were a few choice items which you'll see shortly -- but for what we brought home from it.

Here's the living room. Nothing too much out of the ordinary here.

This painting caught my eye. How could it not? It sort of reminds me of Buckingham Fountain in downtown Chicago, though it isn't.

Never used. Perhaps it should have been.

The home office. It took only a few looks around to figure out that the former owner was a salesman.

Who apparently enjoyed the wholesome goodness of a ground meat dish from time to time.

This made me laugh. The guy actually took this portfolio to meetings, because his business cards were still in there.

The bedroom closet had these "Designer Ties" for just $5 each. Every time I hear the term "designer" thrown around, I have to ask, "Which designer?" That usually stops the conversation right there.

Back in the living room. This modular plastic sculpture/room divider thingy from the seventies somehow escaped my eye. Maybe because it had been hidden under some pretty ratty-looking houseplants.

It was actually J who brought it to my attention. He saw the value immediately. He had a vision. I, however, took some convincing.

But several minutes of back-and-forth agonizing, a bit of bargaining with the people running the sale, and $30 dollars later, we were putting it in the car.

Here it is back at the ranch, mostly disassembled.

It took quite a few attempts -- and cocktails -- to get it put together in just the right configuration. Here's an early attempt that was abandoned for looking too much like a snow fort.

Here's another set-up that resembled a bunch of paint cans or PVC pipe. I was beginning to wonder if we'd brought a genuine white elephant home with us.

We're making progress here. Tall and skinny is good. But it's not quite jelling yet.

That's better.

There were lights to be installed inside, too, which made us ooh and aah.

Here's the finished product, very much at home in our home.

Purchased: Seventies white plastic modular sculpture/room divider thing, $30.


  1. Thanks, Lisa. We're enjoying it -- way more than I thought we would. Driving home with it in the car, I was sure we'd made a mistake.

  2. I'm really enjoying looking at all of the pictures you take at these sales. Love all of your comments too!!


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